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Michael Herrman is a composer, producer, performer and humanitarian. 

Michael has spent the last seven years working and living in Afghanistan, France, Morocco, Nepal and Amman, Jordan.  During that time, he stayed busy scoring the indie film The Punishing Business and various programmatic documentaries for NGO's including USAID, Mercy Corps, NRC and IRC.  Also producing songs and albums for artists and bands, as well as writing, recording and producing his most recent record Lover By Proxy.  In his time in Afghanistan, he worked with traumatized youth using music as a form of therapy, taught rock n roll at The Rock School Kabul, and had the honor to perform for various ambassadors from around the world.  He also scored multiple documentaries during his time there including Promote for USAID, which focused on the progress of Afghan women over the last 12 years.   Currently, Michael tours and records with pop-star Aziz Maraka.  While the bulk of Michael's compositions are available to license at Silk Road.

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